Boarding and Training


Breezyknoll Kennels features a new state of the art built climate controlled heated/cooled, indoor-outdoor kennel facility. All our indoor/outdoor suites are spacious and clean — the indoor suites are climate controlled (heated and cooled as per season) and music is played throughout the kennel, 24 hours a day.

The kennel offers each boarding dog their own indoor space that is 5' wide x 6' long with a 2' x 3' bed, an eating area, and access to outside through a special hinged door. This leads out to an individual outdoor run 5' wide x 10' long. The kennel has soft florescent lighting and natural lighting to provide an open atmosphere.

Exercise options include an extra large grassy, fenced-in yard where your dog can really play the way dogs need to. As well, we can take them for a hike — walk on a long leash throughout our 86 acres of gently rolling farmland. We also offer Spa Treaments, and Canine Shuttle Services.

We are dedicated to provide around-the-clock care and a healthy, safe and happy environment for your dog.


The Use of Original No-Force, Motivational Canine Training made Gentle, Fun, Easy, and Effective....

Breezyknoll Kennels promotes the use of the Original No-Force, Motivational Canine Training method. Training for your dog should be fun and rewarding using kind and positive training methods that do not use force in order to make your dog respond and to be the companion you want.

Ask us for possible references of names of trainers that we can provide that are in your area. We also highly recommend obtaining the The Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook by R. Ann Johnson.


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