Friends and Family
Our puppy owners are satisfied clients and
love sharing their experiences with photos.
Here are a few pictures!

"Tucker" — Brantford
"Callie" — Burlington
"Denver" — Leamington
"Toby" — Leamington
"Bruich" — London
"Baxter" — Belle River
"Skye" — Belle River
"Jackson" — Heidleburg
"Aspen" — Windsor
"Oliver" — McGregor
"Sadie" — Hampton, New Brunswick
"Tika" — Kitchener
"Bower" — Chatham
"Cooper" — Essex
"Thai" — St.Marys
"Sophie" — Rondeau
"Seska" — Stratford
"Emma" — Chatham
"Cooper" — Burlington
"Molson" — Wallaceburg
"Berkley" — Kanata
"Levi" — Windsor
"Hewson" — Blenheim
"Harley" — Belle River
"Clementine" — Kitchener
"Rocky" — Chatham
"Buddy" — Oldcastle
"Emmy" — Sarnia
"Zoey" — Bothwell
"Mandy" — Miller Lake
"Bella" — Kent Bridge
"Finnigan" — Springfield
"Skyla" — Brights Grove
"Callahan" — Tilbury
"Storm" — St. Thomas
"CJ" — London
"Beau" — Windsor
"Mya" — Montreal
"Happy" — Toronto

What do our new puppy owners have to say about Breezyknoll Kennels...

"I just wanted to write a little thank you to say how much we appreciate your help. It so nice to know that you will be there, not just for the adoption of one of your dogs, but also for the life of your dogs. We are very glad that you gave us time to evaluate the situation before giving our little one away to a new family. It means the world to us to know that you are there to support the families that your dogs have been adopted into. It really shows anyone out there, that you guys are into breeding because you truly love the golden breed, and in turn will try to make the best stock out there."
Angela & family

"I just thought I'd send you an e-mail and let you know how things are. Rusty and I are having a blast, and we bring a ton of joy to each others lives. This little guy has to be the smartest dog for his age! You really do get back what you put in, because my life has come to revolve around him. With 100% success at 3 months of age Rusty can sit, lie down, give high 5's, play hide-and-seek, and stay. Even at the park with distractions or on a busy street. He does it all. We're working on rollover and "bang you're dead". We just started those yesterday. Like I said before, the potty training was done in 1.5 weeks and no accidents since, and for a couple weeks now he hasn't gotten up in the middle of the night. He'll hold it for 8 or 9 hours! At night he'll go right for his crate and plop down. No whining or barking in the morning either. He just waits until I'm up. He is incredible! You've found a very happy puppy owner and I'd love to be able to put him in competitions if I can. That way I have extra reason to make a website for him and be able to pay you the respect you deserve for breeding the fine fellow.

The golden retriever sure is an amazing breed :) Thanks again!"


"Scout" — Windsor
"Scout is amazing. He is such a good and loving dog and he looks just like his dad. He has almost free run of the house now and he has found his bark. He loves the rabbits that come to visit in the evenings and the geese on the lakes near by. He is very helpful when I am cooking,always ready to clean up anything that may drop on the floor. He particularly likes cardboard boxes and his rubber chicken is his favourite toy. He and Dane have grand adventures now in the garden and he has even taken to trying to swing on the climbing ropes we have in one of the big maple trees. His favourite game is hide and seek. We do all of the hiding and he does all of the seeking and then he runs back to home free to wait for us to hide and say "ready " again. It is a sight to see. He is a friend to all humans and dogs alike and is a great favourite at his puppy daycare. He is without a doubt the friendliest dog I have ever seen and he is happiest when Dane and his best friend Logan are outside with him tossing the chicken. Thank you for the gift of this precious dog - he is one in a million! with love and thanks."
Brian, Julie & family

"Wanted to report that Max is doing fantastic - she's the hit of the neighbourhood, loves the big city, is friendly with everyone and every dog, and is sleeping through the night. I'm so lucky! She definitely has a mischievious streak which I'm trying not to foster it too much... but she keeps me laughing all the time! Other than a little barking for attention (which I am dutifully ignoring), she's basically perfect and we're having a ball together. She's a total joy."
"Max" — Toronto

Chloe has truly become our 4th baby! She sits & stays for the children when they feed her - they then say OK and she runs for her bowl. She sits and stays in her spot away from the dinner table while we eat and she is leading very well for us and the children with the halti. She also loves spending time in the pool with the kids.
John, Debbie & family

We wanted to thank you for the opportunity to meet you and for the new addition to our family. He is absolutely wonderful. We are having alot of fun with him and he keeps us laughing as he runs around happily playing. He seems to be adjusting quite well....eating, sleeping, playing, etc. The kids love him so much. They keep saying, "Look at how cute Koda is." Koda trots happily behind them wherever they go. Anyways, thanks again. It means the world to us to know that you guys are so caring and want to help when we need it.
Jeff, Angela & family

Lexi is doing very well. The toilet training is successful so far with only a few accidents. She is using the bell on the back door to let us know when she has to go out or if she needs water. If she has to go out she rings the bell and lays down in front of the door waiting for us to get our boots and coat on. If she needs water she rings the bell and goes to the kitchen. What a smart dog! Our vet just loves her.
Bill, MaryAnne & family

I just wanted to give you an quick update on how "Mia" has done in the first week at her new home. The transition has been much easier than anticipated. Her potty training is going incredibly well, with minimal accidents. She is already associating "outside" with her needs to potty. The crate training has been effortless. The first night she whined 3 times and we took her out to potty, each time she did her duty. After her first stressful night, she has slept from 11 pm to 7 am each night. She does not mind being put in her crate and seems very comfortable in her environment. This was a shock to me as I had prepared myself for some sleepless nights as if we had another child. She has come to associate rest and relaxation with the crate and usually falls asleep fast once inside. She had never had any accidents inside the crate. She is playful and energetic, and as the books had described, often crashes for naps during the day. We try our best to let her get the rest she needs by leaving her undisturbed during these times.
"Mia" — Brighton, Michigan
Thanks for preparing the puppies so well for this transition. It is very evident that Mia was very prepared for this experience and it has made our lives much easier. We feel fortunate to have chosen her. It was a difficult decision for sure, more so than I had anticipated and was good that my wife and I came to a consensus so easily. We look forward to watching her grow and learn in the weeks to come. We appreciate her more each day and with every day comes an improved understanding from her regarding the rules of the home. Thanks for a terrific puppy.
Jeff, Heather & family

"Hope all is well with the family. Took Beau to the vet on Friday, she was very impressed with the quality of your package and its content. Beau is a charming 22.5 pounds and is doing very well. We are going to start school next week. He is so eager and ready to learn. We are taking a new trainer that only takes 3 or 4 dogs at a time, 12 weeks and is very experienced at positive training-no chokers and reward based and believes that a positive reward system is the best. I will keep you posted. My little (or not so little) Beau is very sweet and you and Ken must be very proud of the great work you do. Again, Thanks!"


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