Tido, National Service Dog from Breezyknoll Kennels National Service Dog Training Centre

We dedicate this page to our Breezyknoll Kennels' "special Goldens" that are currently in training or are already certified as a working service or therapy dog.   We strive to produce puppies with outstanding qualities and abilities and thus there are those who we select from time to time to be trained and placed as a working service or therapy dog for someone in need.   

We have supported the following organizations: 

National Service Dog Program:

  • Maddie graduated in Fall '08 and is now living and working with Andrew in the Guelph area.
  • A new puppy named "Frodo" has recently been donated to the NSD program.  Watch for further updates to come.

    Breezyknoll has donated Breezyknoll's Holiday Lyric to the National Service Dog Program. NSD is a non-profit registered charity specializing in breeding, training and placing Golden and Labrador Retrievers with children under age 10 who have autism. Our boy, "Tido" was selected from our Holiday theme litter from parents Carmel & Storm born December 11, 2004. Tido has also been joined recently in the program by Ryker who is a son of Irish Bailey's Creme and our boy Scout — Appleby's Scout O'Hara. We are very excited to see how they do. Keep checking the site for updates. 


UPDATES: (sent by Tido's Foster Family)

  • February 2005 — Tido has now been with us for two weeks, seems to have about doubled in size, and, along with the usual few initial sleepless nights for us, the toilet training (about complete now!) and the on-going puppy free-wheeling inquisitiveness and penchant for mischief, has brought us much pleasure. He is visibly very intelligent, easily trainable and has a very affectionate disposition. All in all a very sweet, intelligent dog who will no doubt make a fine companion for a challenged child. We have inevitably bonded with him in a strong way, but, of course, tell ourselves constantly that he is not ours. When he leaves us in a year or so, we will certainly want to replace him with a second Golden of our own. We are so impressed with Tido that we would be very happy to have an opportunity to meet you and visit your kennels over the next few months, with in mind the possibility of purchasing a Golden from you. May we also say that if for any reason Tido was eventually found not suitable for the National Service Dog Program (an eventuality that would surprise us greatly, given the obvious excellent quality of the dog), we would be very grateful to have first refusal on Tido if you decided to sell him.


    We congratulate on your obviously superior Goldens, look forwarding to meeting you and visiting your kennels and send you our very good wishes,

  • March 2005 — Just a little update on Tido who has fit right into our busy family. He's very much the rambunctious, overly curious puppy, but sweet natured, affectionate, very healthy and, of course, playful with a capital "P". He has bonded strongly to Sola who, without being maternal, has accepted Tido very well. They are indefatigable playmates with all the beneficial extra exercise their tussling gives them both. Tido has already been several times to a super-market, to the bank, to Tim Horton's, to a daycare centre where he happily waded into the group of 2 to 4 year olds like a politician in a crowd of friendly supporters. He gets walked twice a day, trained by us in the basic commands, which he's learned very quickly — although "Come" is one he's still pretty selective about. "I'll come when it suits me," says Tido. We're working hard on that one. He's doing very well in the Monday night puppy class at NSD.

  • December 2005 — Tido will be in the group of dogs recalled for advance training on Jan 3, 2006! Tido is a very playful and wonderful dog. He has passed all 3 levels of his obedience training and is well on his way to becoming a great service dog. We are having a great time with Tido and he has attached himself very much to me (his mommy). Tido's favorite things to do are play with his big brother Gilbert (our Black Lab), chase a laser pointer (he does this with great enthusiasm), and go to the dog park. He is great with kids and other dogs. Tido is a great dog and we will be sorry to see him go. We think he will make some child a great service dog. If he attaches himself to them as quickly as he attached himself to me (3 days) they will have a friend for life.
  • Tido

  • April 2006 — Tido has passed his final training and has been placed with a new family where he is working with an autistic child.
  • May 2006 — We have received news that Ryker has also passed his training in the program. Watch for further updates on a new trainee — Breezyknoll's Snow Madison "Maddie" from our Snowflake Theme Litter — parents Bailey & Koso who has also enrolled in the NSD program.

NSD Graduating Class

The Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs:

This therapeutic youth intervention program helps teach teens deemed to be at high risk for continued behavioral and emotional challenges to train and place assistance dogs with individuals with disabilities and allowing them to find independence together through partnership with assistance dogs.

  • Aspen & Maple are currently in training with them.

Aspen & Maple

Austism Ontario Service Dogs:

Autism Dog Services is committed to enabling and enriching the lives of children with autism.  ADS provides highly trained service and therapy dogs to children with autism and their families.

  • Emerson & Aspen have been donated to this program.
  • Littermate "Harley" is in training through this program as well with our son Ryan to be his very own assistance dog. 
Aspen with foster mom Sarah
Ryan & Harley and Emerson & his foster mom


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